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Help – P2P-Next UPB LivingLab

Video Widget Snapshot

NextShare Video Widget Screenshot

Click on a component bellow to highlight it on the snapshot above and view a description of it:

Video Widget Components

Watching Area

Here you can watch the video.

Play / Pause button

Toggle playing and pausing the video.

Current Time

View the time elapsed from the beginning of the video.

Total Time

View video duration.

Time Progress Slider

View a graphical representation of the time elapsed from the movie from its duration. You can also use this slider to seek current position in the video to a desired point.

Volume Slider

A graphical representation of the sound volume level which can be manipulated with the mouse in order change current volume.

Mute button

Use this button to alternatively disable or enable the sound for the video.

Switch Video Definition (Resolution)

This group of check buttons show definitions available for the video. The definition characterizes its resolution (number of pixels on horizontal and vertical). A definition is coded here, as in television systems, with a number, representing the number of vertical pixels (height), and a "p", which is an abbreviation from progressive scan.

The number of vertical pixels depends on the display aspect ratio which is usually 4:3 or 16:9. Because the video needs to fit in your browser its actual size (when not in Full Screen mode) will be between 640 and 1024 horizontal pixels.

Switch Video Plugin

Use this two check buttons to switch between the two NextShare plug-ins available. Choose HTML5 for SwarmPlayer and VLC for NextSharePC.

Full Screen button

Displays the video on the whole screen without having to be limited by the web page.